Since August 2017, I am a data scientist at Ayzenberg.

I created and maintain, a collection of educational material related to music information retrieval.

Since 2011, I have taught the annual workshop on music information retrieval at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University.

I play the violin. For more, including recordings, visit Music.


I was born and raised in New Jersey, USA.

I received a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. I researched music information retrieval and digital image forensics as a member of the Signals and Information Group. My advisor was K. J. Ray Liu.

In 2011, I joined Imagine Research as a research engineer and U. S. National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow. In 2012, Imagine Research was acquired by iZotope, maker of Emmy Award-winning audio production and enhancement software. I helped iZotope develop MediaMined, a search engine for general sounds including music, speech, and environmental sounds.

In 2014, I developed music information retrieval algorithms at Humtap.

In 2016-17, I taught at Galvanize, a school for data science in San Francisco.

I have worked as an independent consultant, researcher, and engineer. As a consultant, I have helped ten companies in the areas of music information retrieval, machine learning, data science, and signal processing.

I served on committees for conferences such as ACM Multimedia and IEEE ICME; co-authored articles for journals and conferences such as IEEE Trans. Information Forensics and Security, IEEE ICASSP, and ISMIR; and peer-reviewed over 100 manuscripts.

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Résumé, May 2017 (PDF)

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