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iZotope Acquires Imagine Research

Posted on 13 March 2012.

We are delighted to announce that iZotope, maker of audio DSP software and hardware, has acquired Imagine Research. For the official press release, click here: iZotope Press Release.

Audiophiles may know iZotope as the makers of audio processing software such as Ozone, RX, Nectar, and BT Stutter Edit. If you are not familiar with iZotope’s products, please take a look at their YouTube videos to find cool demos of audio restoration, remixing, and resynthesis.

For example, check out this video of iZotope RX 2, perhaps the best audio restoration software product that I’ve ever seen:

In many ways, this is an ideal partnership for both companies. iZotope specializes in audio signal processing, while Imagine Research specializes in machine learning and audio recognition. iZotope has had tremendous success with its retail products and licensing solutions, while Imagine Research provides another distribution method: our web-based platform and API, MediaMined. Finally, our company cultures are a great fit, allowing Imagine Research to operate as a product team within iZotope in order to continue improving upon our present MediaMined sound recognition platform.

We are excited for the possibilities that this partnership brings!