NEW I am a data scientist at Ayzenberg.

Check out, a collection of educational IPython notebooks related to music information retrieval.

I live and work in San Francisco.

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17 June 2016
My Experience Busking in San Francisco: 63 sessions, $5000
20 April 2015
Beyond A440: Audio Files for Other Tuning Frequencies
29 October 2013
Now on Github: Build a Static Website Using Python and Amazon S3
12 July 2013
Now on GitHub: Resume Template in LaTeX
21 March 2013
iZotope Tech Talk: Source Separation in the Real World
25 February 2013
How I Host and Maintain
14 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Two Systems for Automatic Music Genre Recognition: What Are They Really Recognizing?
13 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Exploring the Relationship Between Categorical and Dimensional Emotion Semantics of Music
12 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Novelty Measures as Cues for Temporal Salience in Audio Similarity
12 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Personalized Music Emotion Classification via Active Learning
09 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Perceptual Tempo Estimation Using GMM Regression
04 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Inferring Personal Traits from Music Listening History
04 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Who Influence the Music Tastes of Adolescents? A Study on Interpersonal Influence in Social Networks
03 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Learning and Extraction of Violin Instrumental Controls from Audio Signal
02 December 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Knowledge-Based Music Retrieval for Places of Interest
21 November 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Building a Personalized Audio Equalizer Interface with Transfer Learning and Active Learning
14 November 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: An Analysis of the GTZAN Music Genre Dataset
13 November 2012
ACM MIRUM 2012: Fast Intra-collection Audio Matching
08 November 2012
iZotope MediaMined Product Video
13 March 2012
iZotope Acquires Imagine Research
14 November 2011
Fourier at a Glance: Continuous vs. Discrete, Series vs. Transform
28 October 2011
Factorization of Overlapping Harmonic Sounds Using Approximate Matching Pursuit
20 October 2011
Super-resolution of Musical Signals Using Approximate Matching Pursuit
22 August 2011
My Academic Genealogy Since Helmholtz
04 July 2011
CCRMA MIR Workshop 2011
03 July 2011
Summer 2011 Status Update
09 February 2011
LaTeX At A Glance, v. 1.0
04 February 2011
Thirty Tips For Dissertation Writing
19 January 2011
Engineers Build Computerized Beauty Contest Judges. Swell.
02 December 2010
Resume Template in LaTeX
17 October 2010
The One-Step Build for Academic Researchers
25 September 2010
I used Matlab. Now I use Python.
31 July 2010
Musical Instrument Recognition Using Biologically Inspired Filtering of Temporal Dictionary Atoms
22 March 2010
Multiplicative Update Rules for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Co-occurrence Constraints
22 March 2010
Harmonic Variable-Size Dictionary Learning for Music Source Separation
22 March 2010
Anti-Forensics of JPEG Compression
31 January 2010
Digital Image Source Coder Forensics via Intrinsic Fingerprints
31 January 2010
Transform Coder Classification for Digital Image Forensics
31 January 2010
Image Source Coding Forensics Via Intrinsic Fingerprints
31 January 2010
Block Size Forensic Analysis in Digital Images